Monday, September 17, 2012

SF Giants Cake

The saran wrap was removed before pick-up.  It is just to keep the bill shape during the drying process.

Save the Date Cupcakes

Flower Wedding Cake

Ruffle Wedding Cake

Winnie the Pooh Cake

The customer added Pooh toys all over it...of course I forgot to snap a photo.  :(  I also added Bronx's name to the middle tier. 

Dora and Diego Cake

Rainbow Ruffle Cake

This is all buttercream.

Cat in a Hat Cake

Pickle Cake

Purple Love - Cheetah Cake and Gift Box Cake

Shrek Cake

iPod Touch Cake

Vintage Lace Cookies

Inspirational Gift Box Cake

Every side of this cake had inspirational words hand written in different fonts.  

Dinosaur Cookies

Finding Nemo

Neon Pink and Lime Green Baby Shower

MAC Make-up Cake

Super Mario Cake - Yet Again